Докторевич Вероника Александровна

Doktorevich Veronica Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 19 years
Teaching experience: 19 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 18 years

Veronika Aleksandrovna Doktorevich, Senior Lector at the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication, graduated from Interpreters’ Department at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 2000 majoring in “Interpreter of English Language, Manager” (2000). On June 16, 2004 she acquired an additional qualification of the “Teacher of the Higher School”, February 21, 2018 – qualification of “Pedagogue in Professional Teaching, Professional Education, and Additional Professional Education”.

She has been working at the chair since 2014.

She gives the following classes:
Foreign language in the Professional Activity – 40.02.01 Law and Organization of a Social Welfare; Practical Course of the Second Foreign Language 45.03.02 Linguistics.
Professional (personal) achievements:
Experienced specialist, who has command of progressive English language teaching methods. She gives a high professional and methodical level classes using contemporary informational recourses, role games, big amount of additional aids, new authentic academic materials, contemporary publications in the language under study, which allows paying attention to the communicational part of the classes and development of different types of communication.