Палий Татьяна Павловна

Paliy Tatyana Pavlovna

Work experience: 17 years
Teaching experience: 17 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 17 years
Tatyana Pavlovna Paliy

She graduated from the Department of English and German Languages of Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages.

She has been working at the Chair since 2002.
Candidate of Philological Sciences (10.02.20 – Comparative and Historic, Typological, and Contrastive Linguistics), 2009; Associate Professor (10.02.20 – Comparative and Historic, Typological, and Contrastive Linguistics), 2018.

She gives the following classes:
  • Practical course of the Second Foreign Language – Linguistics: Theory and Practice of International Communication;
  • Practicum of Profession Oriented Speech – Linguistics: Theory and Methods of Foreign Languages and Cultures Teaching;
  • Practicum of Oral Communication Culture – Informational Safety: Organization and Technology of Information Protection;
  • Business Communication in Foreign Language – Social and Cultural Activity: Management of Social and Cultural Activity;
  • Cognitive and Discourse Practicum – Linguistics: Translation and Translatology;
  • Translational Analysis of the Text – Linguistics: Translation and Translatology;
Area of Expertise:
  • Timely issues of socio-linguistics in a context of subcultural diversity;
  • Contemporary discourse studies;
  • Timely issues of conflictogenic communication;
  • Innovational strategies in methodology within contemporary state standards.
Professional (personal) achievements:
  • High-qualified specialist, who skillfully combines profound English language knowledge and advanced methods of competent approach to foreign languages teaching with the organization of academic work and scientific research process with university students, directing its activity on contemporary requirements, approaches, standards;
  • She successfully passed exams at PSU and received a diploma with honors on Translatology. Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation, 2001;
  • T.P. Paliy has foreign work experience. She worked at ECAD (European Cities against Drugs) at Gozo Island, Malta, as an interpreter;
  • Organizer and supervisor of LinguoPuzzle – All-Russian and Interinstitutional Competition, devoted to 70th anniversary of PSLU in 2009/2010; Witty Brits – All-Russian Online Linguoquest, devoted to the cross-year of Britain in Russia and Russia in Britain in 2017;
  • Since 2017 she has been a leading lector at the School of Young Linguist, social and humanitarian project, formed together with the Department of Education of Pyatigorsk for gifted children of Pyatigorsk;
  • Invited by FIFA 2018 Championship Organizational Committee she worked with Danish team in the Russian Federation as an interpreter;
  • Resident jury member at All-Russian Olympiad of School Students on the English Language;
  • Since 2019 she has been an expert in the State Final Examination subject committee.
Additional Training:
  1. Creation of Electronic Courses in Electronic Educational Environment at edu.pglu.ru (on a basis of MOODLE platform) (2012, PSLU);
  2. Informatization of Education, Development of Interactive Educational Forms, Application of Project Methods, Introduction of Contemporary Educational Technologies (2014, PSLU);
  3. Competence Oriented Linguistic Educational Programs in the Context of State Requirements (2014-2015, PSLU);
  4. Contemporary Management in Education (for directors of educational organizations), State Institute of New Forms of Education, Moscow (2015, PSLU);
  5. Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies while implementing educational programs of secondary vocational education and higher education and their adaptation for disabled persons (2017-2019, PSU);
  6. First Aid Skills (2019, PSU);
  7. Expert of State Final Examination subject committee (English language) (Stavropol, 2019).