Романко Людмила Вениаминовна

Romanko Lyudmila Veniaminovna

Work experience: 34 years
Teaching experience: 12 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 17 years

Lyudmila Veniaminovna Romanko, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Economic educational program. Area of her expertise includes a spectrum of problems connected with a global economy development and international economic relations, processes of financial globalization, integrational processes in the frameworks of the regional economic associations, international currency and credit relations, international organizations’ activity. She is an author of more than 35 scientific publications and academic working-outs. She is a Head of “Progress” Student scientific club.

She reads the educational courses in international currency, financial and credit relations, global economy, and international economic relations, international pricing, organization and technique of international accounting, TNC activity.

Participation in scientific and educational conferences and forums:

  • “Innovational Factors of Development Stability of Tourism and Recreational Territories” V International Congress, Pyatigorsk, 2011;

  • “Socialization of the Young of the North Caucasus Federal District: gender changes”, Pyatigorsk, 2011;

  • “Economy, Sociology, and Law in Contemporary World: problems and solutions” XIV International Science and Practice Conference, Pyatigorsk, 2012;

  • “Modernization of the Russian Economy: results and prospects” I international congress, Pyatigorsk, 2011;

  • “The World Through Languages, Education, Culture: Russia – Caucasus – International Community” International Congress, Pyatigorsk, 2013;

  • “Abkhazia in a Global History and International Relations” International Scientific Conference, Sukhumi, 2015;

  • “Timely Problems of Inconsistency (bankruptcy): experience and prospects” all-Russian Science and Practice Conference, Pyatigorsk, 2017;

  • “Metascientific Study of an Artificial Intellect” International science and practice conference, Pyatigorsk, 2019.