Текеева Мадина Умаровна

Tekeyeva Madina Umarovna

Work experience: 14 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 9 years

Madina Umarovna Tekeeva, senior lector of the chair. Area of her expertise includes political management, risk, and uncertainty in a political process, political decisions' making.

She reads the following courses: Theory of Games; Methodic of Applied Studies and Analysis of Data in Conflict Studies; Fundamentals of the Theory of Decision Making in a Conflict; Economical and Political Processes in CIS; Management in Risky and Uncertain Conditions.

Participation in scientific and educational conferences and forums:

  • “Russian-Turkish Relations from Ataturk to Present Days” International scientific seminar, Pyatigorsk, 2011;

  • “Abkhazia in a Global History and International Relations” International Scientific Conference, Sukhumi, 2015;

  • “Caucasus at the Beginning of XXI Century: peoples, society, state” International Forum, Pyatigorsk, 2016;

  • Forum of Young Leaders of the Commonwealth. Pyatigorsk, 2018.