Рубец Елена Александровна


Work experience: 3 years
Teaching experience: 3 years
Elena Aleksandrovna Rubets graduated from PSU, majoring in Russian Language and Literature with Additional Specialty.

In 2012 she successfully defended her dissertation on “Russian National Pedagogics of Spirituality Teaching to the Growing Generation” (History of Pedagogics and Education).

In 2017 she became a curator of “Азъ есмь” (Az yesm) Russian Art Academy project, Creative Union of Artists backed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Chief Editor of “NestandArt” almanac about Russian artists;
Participant of the festival of national literature works of Russian peoples, devoted to the celebration of the Day of National Unity backed by the Ministry of Culture of Stavropol Krai (November 4, 2017, Pyatigorsk);
Partner of “Art Priroda” VI All-Russian Exhibition within the Art Project;
Participant and Partner of Living Crafts festival (Pyatigorsk, June 2017);
Illustrator and art editor of children poem books “U varenya den rozhdenya” (Jam’s Birthday) (All-Russian project of MOO SPIK Titul publishing house);
Art editor and illustrator of Zimnyaya skazka (Winter Fairytale) book (an all-Russian project of MOO SPIL Titul);
Curator of the Artists of South Russian exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow;
Art editor of “Jerusalem Fantasies” book (E. Gammer, Jerusalem Fantasies, Israel-Pyatigorsk: Berkhouse: MOO SPIK Titul, 2017. – 218, s. ISBN 978-5-9905-5786-1.
Author of the academic aid for art institutes “Art Pedagogy: Theory and Practice” (recommended by the scientific methodic council on art education)

Since 2019 she has been an associate professor at the Higher School of Design, Architecture, Arts, and Crafts at Pyatigorsk State University.

Participant of Ferodiz – 2019 festival of Russian design in CMW, Essentuki;

Curator of Pedagogic Education with Two Majors – an educational program of PSU with Visual Arts and English Language. 44.03.05.

Participant of Ancient World Through Centuries – an international creative festival of UNESCO (Greece);

Curator of Caucasus as Temenos – an international project of the Russian Academy of Arts, Creative Union of Russian Artists, backed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.