Заврумов Заур Асланович

Zavrumov Zaur Aslanovich

Prorector for academic work and development of intellectual potential of the university

Professor The Chair of Theoretic Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Practice

E-mail: nauka@pgu.ru
Phone: +7 (879-3) 400-434
Work experience: 36 years
Teaching experience: 36 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 34 years
Zaur Aslanovich Zavrumov – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Assistant Professor of Theoretic Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Practice at Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism.

After his graduation from Pyatigorsk School no. 1 in 1977 he enrolled to the Department of English and German Languages at Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages (now Pyatigorsk State University).

From September 1981 to August 1982 during his education at the institute was directed to Socialistic Ethiopia, Aseb, for work as an interpreter at Solina salt industry. After the return, he continued studying at the institute, from which he graduated with honors in 1983. 
From August to September 1983 he worked as an English language lector at College no. 2 in Pyatigorsk.
From December 1983 to August 1985 he served in Military Forces of USSR in Ciscarpathian Military District at positions of private corps and noncommissioned officer corps and took reserve officers courses. He was awarded a medal for Excellence in Military Service (second class). 
In 1993-1994 he was a Deputy Head of the Chair of Phonetics at the Department of English Language and Psychology.
In 1995-1997 – Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations.
In 1998-2000 – Dean of the united Interpreters’ Department, State and Municipal Administration Department, and Foreign Students Department.
In 2005-2006 – Director of the Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education.
He has been working at the position of Prorector for Scientific Work and University’s Intellectual Potential Development since September 2006.
Since 2000 Z.A. Zavrumov has been a member of the Canadian Interpreters Association of Ontario, in 2003 he became a member of the American Communication Association, in 2008 he became a member of International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogic Education, in 2014 – a member of Global Communicative Association.
Since 2010 he has been a Professor at the Chair of Theoretic Linguistics and Practice of Intercultural Communication at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism. While working in the university, Z.A. Zavrumov worked out programs on oral and written speech teaching, practical grammar, introduction in linguistics, lexicology. Zaur Zavrumov supervises final qualifying papers and dissertations on linguistics and reads lectures on English language theory.

Z.A. Zavrumov is a Chairman of the Editorial Review Board of PSU and an Editor in Chief of Vestnik PGU (PSU Herald) scientific journal.
For several times he was on foreign business trips. During 4 months he worked at Thames Valley University