Осипян Тереза Грантовна

Osipyan Tereza Grantovna

Work experience: 24 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 22 years

Tereza Grantovna Osipyan, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication.

She graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 1996, majoring in “Teacher of English and German Languages”. She has been working at the university since 1996, and at the chair since 1997.

She gives the following classes:
Practical Course of English Language;
Foreign Language in Jurisprudence.

Area of expertise:
Linguodidactic aspects, methods, and technologies of foreign language competency formation, as well as concepts of multi-linguistic communication formation.

Professional (personal) achievements:
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, in 2009 she defended her candidate thesis majoring in 13.00.02 – Theory and Methods of Education (Foreign Language) with a theme of “Foreign Orthographic Competence Training of Linguist Students”;
Author of more than 30 scientific articles, including publications, indexed by HAC and RSCI, as well as collective monography and an academic-methodic aid. Experienced specialist who actively introduces innovative methods of English language teaching and who successfully organizes an academic work. In 2012 she took part in the international scientific and practice conference “Development of Prospects of the Linguistic Education in a Non-Linguistic Institution” in Taganrog. T.G. Osipyan takes part in international scientific and methodic seminars “Lempert Readings” and other scientific conferences with reports.