Соловьева Елена Александровна

Solovyeva Yelena Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 14 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 12 years

Elena Aleksandrovna Solovyeva, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor.

Area of her expertise includes informational confrontation in the Internet, informational technologies in global policy, informational support of foreign policy, “soft power” and diplomacy, international integration, international economic organizations, and regional economic associations. E.A. Solovyeva is an author of 60 scientific publications and academic methodic working outs. She reads the courses in diplomacy, diplomatic and counselor work, informational and PR technologies in foreign and global policy, international integration.

E.A. Solovyeva is a nominee of different international schools and competitions. Among them are:

  • Summer School of International Relations “Safety Challenges and Threats: regional and international aspects” (Volgograd, 2006);

  • XX Session of Summer Methodological Institute of International Relations “Resource of Bordering Spaces in Global Policy” (Smolensk, 2007);

  • All-Russian Essay Contest “5 Years to Russia-NATO Council: problems, achievements, development trends” (Informational Bureau NATO in Moscow);

  • Summer International School “Baltic-Black Sea Region: a perspective of the regional safety after the NATO summit in Bucharest” (Losevo, Leningrad Oblast, 2008);

  • All-Russian Science and Practice Conference: “Caucasian Image in Central Media: problems and solutions” (Makhachkala, 2008);

  • International Conferences of the Euro-Atlantic Collaboration Association: “Euro-Atlantic Safety: breakdown or reforms” (Moscow, 2008);

  • “Euro-Atlantic Safety in the Face of New Threats and Challenges” (Moscow, 2009);

  • “New Rules: global interrelations strategy” International Youth Forum (Dagomys, Krasnodar Krai, 2009);

  • “Political and Social Processes in Eurasian space: expecting new paradigms” International Summer School of Young Researchers (Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, 2009);

  • “Further Actions in European and Regional Safety Provision” International Russian-Baltic Forum of Young Leaders (Tallin, Estonia, 2011);

  • Regional Conference of the Caucasus network of Global Partnership on Armed Conflicts Prevention (Pyatigorsk, 2011);

  • International Project TDM 2000 International “Creative Construction: the way to entrepreneurship” (Bucharest, Romania, 2013).