Парастатов Ставрис Витальевич

Parastasov Stavris Vitalyevich

Work experience: 11 years
Teaching experience: 11 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 11 years

Stavris Vitalievich Parastatov, Candidate of Political Sciences, Professor.

S.V. Parastatov graduated a Department of German and English Languages at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University with excellence in 2007. At IV year of education during one semester, he took Courses of Translatology and German Studies at Leipzig University (Germany). While his postgraduate education in PSLU he took a one-year scientific internship at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2011 and 2014 he took advanced training in Greece (Thessaloniki and Iraklion respectively). In 2011 he visited NATO General Headquarters in Brussels among the nominees of essay contest “Russia – NATO: collaboration perspectives”, as well as NATO military Headquarters (Mons, Belgium). The same year he took part in the First International Practice Forum “Ukraine-Russia-NATO” in Kiev. In 2014 he took part in the “Dialogue for the sake of Future – 2014)” academic program in Moscow, organized by the A.M. Gorchakov Fund of Public Diplomacy Support. In 2015 he represented a Greek diaspora in Russia at II International Meeting of Pont Greeks, performing with a report about Greek identity crisis and ways to overcome it. Since 2017 he has been implementing an international scientific project called “Knowledge and Academic Culture Exchange in the Black Sea Region”, which is a part of the all-European project “Horizon 2020”. Within this project S.V. Parastatov represents PSU at big international conferences, making his reports and publishing scientific articles in leading European scientific journals.

Area of S.V. Parastatov’s expertise includes geopolitics of Balkan region, Russian-Greek relations, the external policy of Greece, the external policy of Turkey, state and perspective of Russia and EU relations.

He reads the following courses: International Contracts; Contemporary Global Policy; Contemporary External Policy Strategy of Russia and International Conflicts; Introduction to “International Relations”; Factors of Electoral Behavior; Theory of Safety; Ancient Greek Language. Author of more than 30 scientific publications.