Интеллектуальный центр изучения мировых региональных исторических процессов и кросскультурного диалога им. А.И. Перепелицына

Working out and introduction of educational technologies, connected with an effective formation of professional competencies of students and active civic stance, as well as development of creative and analytic mind are the principal objectives of the Intellectual Center.

Principle focus areas of the research work:

1) working out of academic innovative complexes on history within the frameworks of PSU work;
2) working out of innovative projects for participation in “Young Science” conference, included in the PSU development strategy (2012-2020);
3) organization of student scientific conferences with collected scientific papers publication;
4) making of historical documentaries;
5) establishment of Internet contacts and organization of online conferences with history amateurs and scientists abroad;
6) organization of education and thematic role classes “History Court”, “Clio Hotel”, “Wordsmiths”, “Round Table”, “Historical Choice”;
7) creation of annual interuniversity “League of Intellectual Games” in history;
8) positioning of the University within the frameworks of onsite events in schools of the Caucasus Mineral Waters.

Results of the research work:

1. “History Court”, “Clio Hotel”, “Wordsmiths”, “Round Table”, “Historical Choice” role historic games are organized systematically for the students of the Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management and Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages of PSU, which provide the development of analytic and creative mind, general education and professional competencies for students; all games are recorded on DVD and are kept in the Intellectual Center.
2. 27 innovative projects were worked out for the participation in “Young Science” conference in a period from 2011 to 2014; three of them occupied the first place, and one project moved into third place.
3. “FORGOTEN PAST: THE FIRST WORLD WAR (events, people, images)” Student scientific conference took place. It was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the First World War beginning, and 75th anniversary of PSU, in September 2014. Students and history lovers from NCFU, MSU, RSHU, and abroad participated in the conference; in February there is going to be a conference devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the end of the World War II, collected scientific papers are going to be published.
4. Historical documentaries “Ancient Alania”, “History of Georgievsk”, “Rasputin’s Murder” were shot. “Pyatigorsk during the Great Patriotic War” film is in progress.
5. Internet contacts with foreign history lovers (from Germany, USA, Italy, Armenia, France, Poland) were established, and online-conference with Professor of Brussels University G. Di, expert in Islamic history took place (March 2014, lecture hall no.2 of PSU).
6. “Rivers of Time” club organize annual onsite events in the CMW schools, which are devoted to the timely historical issue discussion, and patriotic education. Close collaboration was established with Pyatigorsk schools no. 12, 14, 15, and school no.11 from Yutsa.
7. Annual competitions as part of the League of Intellectual Games in history.
8. The competition among the students of Higher School of Political Administration and Management, Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages, and Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism for the best logo of the Intellectual Center.

Положение об интеллектуальном центре изучения мировых и региональных исторических процессов и кросскультурного диалога им. А.И. Перепелицына

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