Научно-образовательный центр судебных экспертиз СКФО Юридического института ФГБОУ ВО «ПГУ»

The work of the center is provided by the experienced experts in forensics. Senior tutor of the Chair of Criminal Law and Process of Judicial Institute of PSU Natalya Sergeevna Burmistrova is the Head of the Center.

The Center implements the following expertise types:
  • Study for a written text and signatures;
  • Technical expertise of documents, study for stamp impressions, stamps;
  • Expertise of cold and missile weapons expertise;
  • Ballistic expertise (identification, diagnostics);
  • Portrait expertise (gabitoscopy);
  • Trace examination (identification, diagnostics);
  • Dactyloscopic expertise (identification, diagnostics);
  • Crime scene investigation (wrongdoing) physical evidence collecting;
  • Polygraphologic examination (screening, investigation, legal expertise).

The Center has a polygon, simulator complex, separated into 4 zones: living room, bathroom, vendor kiosk, and working zone. Every zone has a corresponding plot of a criminal case. Here, the center’s experts teach future lawyers skills to detect and collect traces of crime. Criminal laboratory of the Center of Legal Expertise possesses necessary equipment: polygraph, criminalist’s cases, equipment for detection of the criminal traces, and “Photorobot” program. The Center implements the work in following areas of focus: traditional criminal investigation (handwriting, criminal investigation of documents, dactyloscopy, cold weapons, ballistic, portrait expertise, trace expertise), estimation activity, polygraphic researches, graphology, profiling or physiognomy.

The aims of the Center of Legal Expertise include scientific researches and expertise, as well as closer connection establishment with other institutions, organizations, and establishments, about the realization of joint researches and scientific and practice studies.

The experts of the Center signed a cooperation agreement with the founder of Israeli Institute of Graphologic Analysis Inessa Goldberg, who will be able to help students to make expertise and researches in the Center.

The Agreement of a joint work with All-Russian Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is going to be signed.

Положение о Научно-образовательном центре судебных экспертиз СКФО

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