Деловой центр туризма, сервиса и консалтинга

A system of the human resources training for the field of tourism, service, and consulting is extremely important for the efficient functioning of a tourism complex. High-qualified human resources influence the profitability of a tourism enterprise and are one of the factors which can assure a leadership on the tourism market. A tourist activity growth requires an increase in the number of qualified human resources. The formation of the International Service and Tourism Department was an impulse for the formation of the Business Center of Tourism, Service, and Consulting.

The mission of the Center: We help to success!

We provide the guests and members of the Center with assistance in the development of business contacts, and obtainment of qualitative information, consulting and communicational support. Our aim is to be a constructive and consistent developing of partners’ business-strategy not depending on the sizes and geography of a business, as well as implementing their requirements in the organization of a qualitative and refined leisure.

We help the guests and members of the Center to solve current questions of their life’s activity, exchange experience, and opinions and other representatives of a business community, to unite for the goals achievement, increase an intellectual and cultural level.

Business Center of Tourism, Service, and Consulting works in the following focus areas:

1.    Information and Coordination

  • Formation of a printing office of the Center;

  • Establishment of contacts and collaboration with regional representatives, businesses, and organizations which work in a tourism, service, and consulting field.

2.    Academic Focus Area
  • Organization of workshops, seminars, and training for PSU Students and members of the Business Center;
  • Working out and publication of scientific and academic literature based on the materials of seminars and training.
  • Formation of a training and retraining system for the service, tourism, hospitality, and consulting experts and employees to develop a human resources base of tourism, service, and consulting in the region.
3.    Research
  • Organization of scientific and practical conferences at the university;
  • Working out and publication of scientific and educational literature on the basis of conferences’ materials.

4.    Professional Orientation
  • Formation of a student tourist agency in the Business Center.
  • Consulting services.
5.    Culture and Education
  • Agency services in different types of tourism (ecological tourism, and natural tourism, environmental tours, leisure in tourist zones with developed facilities, and infrastructure for active tourism, physical education, and sports; leisure in tourist centers with developed facilities for entertainment business; coastal tourism, and park zones leisure; winter tourism, primary wellness tourism; farming tourism; urban tourism; culture and education tourism etc.
  • Receipt and service for delegation, foreign guests, and business partners.
  • Guides and interpreters’ services. Tour services for tourism groups.
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