Психолого-лечебно-оздоровительный научно-практический инновационный центр «Здоровье и успех»

“Health and Success” center was formed following the decision of the Scientific Council of PSLU as an academic and innovative complex in order to integrate scientific and psychological schools of the university, medical, treatment, and sports units of the university and city’s facilities, practical realization of a scientific potential of the university while delivering psychological, medical, treatment, and recreational help to the population. An order for the Center formation was signed by the Rector on May 15, 2009.

Efficient utilization of scientific, academic, educational, and innovative potential of the Chair of Physical Education and Sports in order to uplevel the educational process and further delivery of psychological, medical, and treatment help to different population categories including university students and the staff is the main objective of the center.

The Center is unique by its university level, which allows considering the high professional quality of its services.

Elena Aleksandrovna Enns, practicing psychologist, an expert in children-parents relations, family counselling, characters’ psychology, is the head of the Center.

High-qualified experts of the Center implement the following activity:

-          Psychological counselling of adults and children in questions of development, education, to cope the life difficulties, solve personal and family problems;

-          Deliver psychological help in situations of neuroses, fears, depressions, loss, divorce, and other hard life situations;

-          Provide personal growth training;

-          Carry out psychological expertise in court, as well as pedagogic, and medic;

-          Business counselling, staff estimation;

-          Programs of additional education and additional training with certificates.

Counselling is delivered by:

Elena Aleksandrovna Enns, head of the Center, senior lector of the Chair of General and Pedagogic Psychology, consulting psychologist. Her area of expertise includes the psychology of children-parents relations, family counselling, a psychology of characters, correction of feeding behavior disorders, and anxiety correction.

Elena Evgenyevna Basanova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Chair of General and Pedagogic Psychology, counsellor for positive psychotherapy. Her area of expertise includes counselling of family relations problems (children-parents, marital relations).

Mariyam Mustafaevna Erkenova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Chair of General and Pedagogic Psychology, first category medical psychologist. Her area of expertise includes clinical psychology, age-psychological counselling.

In the children department of the Center, parents are able to:

  • learn how a child develops;
  • learn how to communicate, play, and engage with the child fr om the first days of life;
  • get psychological and neuropsychological diagnostics;
  • get a qualified consultation of pedagogue psychologist, clinical psychologist, logopedist on speech and mental development of a child;
  • get a course at the School of Early Development.

Psychologists of our Center deliver psychological assistance in difficult life situations:

  • psychological assistance in finding a sense of life, depression and stress relief;
  • psychological assistance in case of losing a loved one or break up, divorce relief, family conflict solution;
  • psychologist help and counselling after dismissal, bankruptcy and busting.

Seeking advice on family problems you can find the answers to the following questions:

  • How to avoid pitfalls of a young marriage?
  • How to rich a harmonic matrimonial?
  • How to avoid arguments and scandals, and to begin to live happily?
  • How to make family a happy union for children?
  • How to prepare for children?
  • How to go through a divorce?
  • What to do if the trouble came: alcoholism and drug addiction?

Our specialists will help to solve problems of children-parents relations:

  • How to prepare older children for a new baby?
  • How to understand the child’s individuality and choose the efficient strategy of family education?
  • What are the reasons for school poor progress (academic failure) of a child and how to help him?
  • How to cope with difficulties if a family has a child with disabilities? How to contribute to his/her maximum development?
  • How to build constructive children-parents relations?
  • How to help a teenager to cope with an awkward age?
  • How to help a teenager to choose a carrier?
  • What to do, if you faced serious misdeeds of your child (robbery, runaways, lying, communication with an asocial group, Internet addictions, alcohol drinking)?
  • How to help a child to go through a parents’ divorce?

The Center invites on personal growth training, training for parents and children, business training in order to activate resources of a modern person. Participation in author psychological training and seminars of the Center promotes a personal growth, a formation of a positive approach to life and environment, development of communicational skills, ego boost, personal efficiency growth, development of male and female identity.

Personal growth training

  • Psychological fundamentals of an efficient communication.
  • Burnout prevention.
  • Personal growth.
  • Efficient communication.
  • The power of a wish

Parents and children training

  • Family album (or existential experience of family feelings).
  • We choose, we are chosen (pre-matrimonial counselling).
  • If you have a left-hander in your family.

Business training

  • How to attract money?
  • Advertisement psychology
  • Psychological technologies of interaction with investors.

Today “Health and Success” Center is a technological ground for the basic educational programs of PSU, wh ere unique author programs of additional education are realized.

Additional educational programs of the Center:

1.       Age-psychological counselling (72 h).

2.       Questions of sexology in a psychological counselling (72 h).

3.       Fundamentals of a clinic psychology (72 h).

4.       Positive family psychological counselling (72 h).

5.       Application of metaphoric maps in psychological counselling (72 h).

6.       Contemporary technologies of art-therapy (72 h).

7.       Theory and practice of psychological safety: correction of victimity and prevention of psychological violence in a counselling process (72 h).

8.       Technologies of psychological counselling (72 h).

9.       Technologies of a psychosocial training (72 h).

10.   Characterology in a psychological counselling (72 h).

11.   SELF-PRESENTATION or how to communicate right (18 h).

Practice-oriented innovative projects of the Center

“Psychological Support for a Students Professional Becoming” (Prof. I.V. Boyazitova, senior lector E.A. Enns).

The project is aimed at the development of a fundamental psychological problem, which includes theoretic and experimental research of the ways of students’ professional consciousness formation, professional readiness increase of further specialists.

The project theme timeliness is conditioned by a social demand for qualified human resources, a necessity to broaden a catalogue of efficient technologies which support the professional growth of students.

Положение о психолого-лечебно-оздоровительном научно-практическом инновационном Центре (научно-образовательно-инновационном комплексе) «Здоровье и успех»

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