Научно-образовательный центр «Психология личности и профессиональной деятельности»

The Academic Center was formed by the decision of the Scientific Council of PSU and is the structural subdivision of the Chair of Personality Psychology and Professional Activity, which organizes scientific studies in the working out of the efficient and innovative methods of the educational activity in psychology.

Academic Center realizes its activity in accordance with the Legislature of the Russian Federation 273 “On Education” dated 12/21/2012/, Regulations of PSU and other local normative acts, regulations, and orders concerning the organization of a scientific work in the university, an activity of the structural subdivisions of the university.

The purpose of the Academic Center work is the organization of the scientific studies in the field of the working out of the efficient and innovative methods of educational activity in psychology.

The center is headed by Associate Professor of the Chair of Personality Psychology and Professional Activity Roman Nikolaevich Yundin, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.
Professor N.M. Shvaleva, Candidate of Psychological Sciences is a leading research officer of the Center.
Associate Professor I.A. Kolinichenko, Candidate of Psychological Sciences is a senior research officer of the Center.

These are the main activity types of the Academic Center:

1.    Organization of the scientific and methodic maintenance of the additional training of the human resources, as well as assessment and review of timely scientific working outs for the formation of the conditions for their practical application in the psychological education;
2.    Unification of the current laboratories in order to unite their experience and knowledge in the development of the scientific and educational potential, efficient and rational implementation of the methodic equipment, creation of the research base for the realization of the scientific studies and innovational working outs in the majors;
3.    Ensuring the unity of education and science, training of the high-qualification competitive human resources on the Russian market;
4.    Creation of a contemporary methodic and scientific base for the psychological education of the different population categories.  

These are the results of the Center’s research work:
-    Coordination of the scientific work of the teaching staff in a psychological education field.
-    Communication with other higher educational institutions, organizations, establishments on the issues of the collaborative studies implementation.
-    Generalization and introduction of the foremost development experience of the innovative technologies into the educational process, as well as the participation in the scientific educations working out.
-    Implementation of the educational, humanitarian, psychological, and social technologies transfer.
-    Scientific supervision of the academic practice of the students.
-    Scientific and methodic assistance to the training, retraining, and additional training of a teaching staff, youth policy experts, volunteers and active citizens.
-    Screening of web-pages searching for the events, competitions, and grants, where the Academic Center can take part.

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