Роман Чумляков занял третье место в финале XIV Всероссийского конкурса «Студенческий лидер-2016»

Fr om 20 to 28 September, “Orbita” health complex for the first time hosted the final of XIV “Student Leader-2016” All-Russian Contest. Delegations fr om all federal districts came to Olginka, at the Black Sea coast. The contest was among 16 competitors, who represented their primary trade-union organizations.

Our university and primary trade-union of students were represented by the deputy head of a primary trade union organization of students of Pyatigorsk State University Roman Chumlyakov.

This year “Student Leader” competitive program has changed significantly: together with traditional competitions such as “Self Portrait”, “Blitz”, “Law Orientation”, “Professional Test”, “Sociological Survey” there was a competition called “Summary”, wh ere participants had written and oral stages, they summarized listened and read texts.

Roman brilliantly completed all the tasks of the competition, having shown not only his solid grounding but also well-coordinated teamwork of active PSU students.

Leaders’ competition was filled with different useful occupations for a cheer team within an educational program. Active students had a unique opportunity to gather new information not only within trade-union activity, but also in other important aspects of student life and professional activity.

There was a test after the educational program, wh ere PSU students showed brilliant results and got the certificates.

And the main news is that competition program culminated in a wrap-up on a closing ceremony of the final of XIV “Student Leader-2016” All-Russian Contest. Roman Chumlyakov occupied third place among the finalists in an obstinate fight for the main prize.

We sincerely congratulate Roman, his team, and Primary Trade-Union Organization of PSU with this brilliant victory!