As part of XVIII week of Italian language in the world, PSU representatives V.V. Elkin, head of the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages, and V. H. Narymov, coordinator of the Center of Italian Language and Culture, Assistant Professor at the same chair, took part in International Science and Practice Conference “Italian Language in Russia: Network Interaction Collaboration” which took place on October 15-17, 2018 at Moscow State Linguistic University.

These were the guests of the conference opening ceremony: Professor I.A. Kraeva, MSLU Rector, P.K. Terracciano, Italian Ambassador in Moscow, A.V. Paramonov, Director of the First European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, M.A. Kalinin, head of the Department of Education and Science Collaboration at Rossotrudnichestvo, O. Strada, Director of Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow, Professor V.I. Zabotkina, RSHU Prorector, G. Lo Porto, head of the Department of General Consulate, F.R. Memoli, President of Italian Language Courses Association in Italy ASILS.

The conference gathered representatives of Italian institutions from Rome, Pisa, Torino, Triest, Parma, Salerno, Siena, Bologna, as well as from a number of Russian academic and educational establishments: MSU, MSLU, NSLU, RSHU, RAS Institute of Linguistics, Ural Federal University, Military University of the Ministry of Defense, Astrakhan State University, A.M. Gorky Literature Institute and others.

The conference discussed the birth and renaissance of literary Italian, network interaction in education, linguodidactic possibilities of informational and communicative technologies, Italian language spreading among school students in Russia, linguistic and cultural aspects of education in the informational environment, distant projects in Italian, progressive multimedia methods and strategies of Italian language teaching and such.

Participation of PSU representatives in this conference promoted the objectives and mutual experience enrichment of Russian and Italian interaction, it became a starting point for the new contacts establishment and opened further collaboration prospects and implementation of joint projects with Italian partners.

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