Благодарность ПГУ за вклад в развитие регионально-муниципальных партнерств между Россией и Германией

Matthias Platzeck, Chairman of German-Russian Forum Board, resigned prime minister expressed his gratitude to Pyatigorsk State University for its huge contribution into regional and municipal partnership development between Russia and Germany.

Pyatigorsk State University, represented by N.M. Kashirina, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, implements an active work on strengthening and development of mutually beneficial partner relationship between sister cities of Pyatigorsk (Russia) and Schwerte (Germany).

A joint project of Pyatigorsk State University (supervised by N.M. Kashirina) and an initiative group from Schwerte (supervised by Ulrich Kopitz) was acknowledged and included in a brochure of the Russian-German year of regional and municipal partnerships 2017-2018 “Städte, Regionen und Initiativen”.

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Natalia Mikhaylovna