Стипендиальная программа «Эразмус К-107»: Институт иностранных языков и международного туризма ПГУ становится частью европейской системы образования

Erasmus K-107 Scholarship Program, funded by EU, is an opportunity which you can seize today in order to continue your education in European universities, this is a real chance for talented and active Russian young people to soak up local culture, gain an academic experience in the European university, and to make friends with people from different countries.

Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism takes part in one of the most successful and long-term programs of the European Union, within the frameworks of the cooperation agreement with Cadiz University, IFLIT partner-university. We have been together for five years now. Students of both universities received access to new programs due to this European project. Among them: semester in partner-university, double diplomas in master’s program of “Tourist Management” (IFLIT and Cadiz University), education at joint postgraduate studies, internships for scholars and faculty, practice in foreign businesses.

IFLIT students Ilona Vasyutina, Ekaterina Grigoriants, and Anastasiya Sukhorukova got grants for semester education (February – July 2019) in Linguistics at Cadiz University.

“Hello, Dear University!

We continue our study in Cadiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Education in another country is a colossal experience, new impressions, endless travels, and high emotions. I think we will never forget this time.

Speaking about education, Cadiz University is a responsible approach of teachers to their classes, clear organization of an educational process, and regular participation in all kinds of projects. “¿Nos conoCEIs?” festival was one of these projects. All representatives from CEI countries prepared performances in order to present their culture. The official event gradually transformed into a very cozy and warm evening, because we became one big and friendly family. We send regards to our dear PSU and express gratitude for an opportunity to dive into the Spanish culture and life.”

Semester abroad, intercultural communication experience is an additional advantage on a labor market at least in Russia and Spain, and this is what an employer seeks to see in a CV. Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism thanks its Spanish partner, Cadiz University, Department of Philosophy and Literature, Department of Social Sciences and Communication for the given opportunity to study in the European university within the frameworks of international Erasmus K-107 program.