Мероприятие, посвященное Герою Советского Союза А.А. Леонову в Центре русского языка и культуры «Институт Пушкина» в Италии
Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Aleksey Arkhipovich Leonov, the first man in history to enter the open space, and who made a huge contribution to the development of space science not only for our country but for the whole world passed away on October 11, 2019, at the age of 85. 

The event to remember Aleksey Leonov was held at Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language at Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University (Italy) on October 23, within a broad-scale project of “The Many Faces of Russia”. M.V. Dzhagaryan, senior lecturer at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism of PSU showed a presentation titled “The Age of Pioneers: Aleksey Leonov.”

Many people outside of Russia recognize names of great Russian writers, poets, scientists, and artists. But many Italian students have heard the name of A.A. Leonov for the first time. They were very interested to know about a man who once transformed people’s mindset.

The event was informative as well as educational. After watching The Age of Pioneers movie by Dmitry Kiselev in Russian, the students started a lively discussion. They shared impressions and expressed in Russian their opinion about our country’s contribution to the development of world space science and appreciated the great deed of Aleksey Leonov.

Marina Vladimirovna