Преподаватель ИИЯМТ провел презентацию ПГУ в Центре русского языка и культуры «Институт Пушкина» в Италии
A presentation of Pyatigorsk State University, which celebrates its 80th anniversary, took place at Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language and Culture at Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University in Italy on October 25, 2019. The presentation was organized by M.V. Dzhagaryan, Senior Lecturer of the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages at Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, supported by the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, headed by V.E. Mishin, and deputy director I.Y. Bogatyreva, as well as the Center of International Education, headed by I.B. Fedotova.

The event was organized in order to inform Italian students about our university and opportunities, which can be taken due to the double diploma program, implemented at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism. 

A movie, filmed by PSU Media Center, evoked the great interest of students, and they could ask the lecturer any questions. M.V. Dzhagaryan invited Raffaele Spezia, representative of the Department of International Relations at Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University, who told in details about educational programs, implemented on the basis of the agreement between two universities. Emilia Pietropaolo, a student of Luigi Vanvitelly Campania University who studied the exchange program at PSU last year, shared her impressions about our university and Russia.

The Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism is waiting for new participants of the programs of international academic mobility of students from Italy and Russia.

Viktor Evgenyevich

Irina Borisovna

Inessa Yuryevna

Marina Vladimirovna