In 2020, Russia celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory. Together with Russia, it is celebrated in all countries, which remember and acknowledge the deciding role of the Soviet Union in Nazi Germany and Axis Powers rout, the role of Russian people in the defeat of fascism. 

In recent years there has been a negative trend of media and elites to slant the history of World War II in the West, as well as underestimation, ignoring, and denial of the USSR's role in Hitlerite Germany defeat and Europe’s liberation. Their actions are directed at the depreciation of a heroic act of the Soviet people and making Europeans and the whole world to forget about it.

II year students of Secondary Vocational Education from the Higher School of Design and Architecture of Pyatigorsk State University (Graphic Designer major) prepared a big graphic project, devoted to the Great Victory’s 75th anniversary. “Memory. Truth. Victory” Informational and graphic project includes 16 posters, devoted to the most important and crucial moments of liberation of Europe from Nazi troops by Soviet army: the liberation of death camps and capitals of European countries. They drew attention to the memorable dates using emphatic fonts. Every poster has a short informative block with the information about which Soviet army forces took part in the liberation operations, the humanitarian significance of the Soviet army victory, and the number of Soviet soldiers who put their lives to free Europeans from Nazis. But the photos of the war period were the main emphatic means of the posters. Photo documents are the best evidence of the Soviet people's heroic act, which do not allow rewriting history. Every poster is a vivid and firm statement: we remember the act of our people in the Great Patriotic War and we will not let anyone forget nor slander it!

The main purpose of the project was to deliver the truth about our people’s heroic act to the young generation of Russians with shaky and unformed views, to preserve a sacred memory about our great Victory with laconic but substantial means of graphic communicational design.

The project was performed by the GD 211-18 group students Diana Zhurova, Valeriya Krolevskaya, Anastasiya Chibryakova, Anastasiya Skiba, Alisa Kolomiets, Adolf Klyukovskiy, Tatiana Zavyalik. The project was supervised by Bogdan Chingizovich Dmitrienko, Associate Professor of Design, Architecture, and Applied and Decorative Arts. 
Photo album