Институт иностранных языков и международного туризма ПГУ: международное сотрудничество как ответ пандемии
International cooperation is a principal direction of activity and stable development of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism. Even though the pandemic has critically aggravated the interaction and collaboration of IFLIT with its foreign partners, there are alternative ways and means to redesign constructive cooperation and its adaptation to the conditions of the pandemic.

Cadiz University (Spain) has been IFLIT’s partner for a long time. Every year more than 20 students of our institute take courses at the Spanish partner university on different educational programs, including summer language courses, exchange education, double diploma program, professional internships. And every year the cooperation with Cadiz University is expanding, involving new fields, and getting new shapes.

Invited by Cadiz University, Professor I.M. Akopyants, Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, and N.V. Khomovich, Coordinator of the Cooperation Programs with Spain, senior lecturer at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages, took part in the II Russian-Spanish Week of Language and Culture, organized by Cadiz University and Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. The difficult epidemiological environment made the organizers hold the event online.

The week of language and culture turned into an efficient platform for finding solutions to the current problems of Russian and Spanish learning. More than 20 events took place within the week. Leading Russian and Spanish experts in linguistics, culturology, international tourism, and pedagogy shared their unique experience and author case secrets while the participants could broaden their horizons and receive new ideas for their further professional development.

N.V. Khomovich took part in a workshop on Spanish as a foreign language as an expert, as well as in the seminars for Spanish language teachers “Spanish Language as a Strategic Instrument of Internationalization”, “Spanish Language Teaching during the Pandemic”, which today is a very important task for Spanish language teachers.

The II Russian-Spanish Week of Language and Culture has proven once again that even in the difficult conditions of the coronavirus pandemic it is possible to organize major international events, communicate with foreign colleagues, and get new knowledge as well as to work out timely mechanisms of cooperation between academic partners.


Arega Mikhaylovna

Natalya Vladimirovna