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  • Визит в Институт иностранных языков и международного туризма ПГУ делегации Международного общества Северный Рейн-Вестфалия

Визит в Институт иностранных языков и международного туризма ПГУ делегации Международного общества Северный Рейн-Вестфалия


On October 13, 2017, quite a rich visit program of a Delegation fr om International Community of North Rhine Westphalia (Dortmund, Germany) took place. Vice President Erich Fritz and Projects manager Maria Khavanova were on the delegation.

The educational program of a visit included three seminars on timely subjects:

1) Social Development and Language (Gesellschaftliche Entwicklung und Sprache).

2) Language in Business, Mass Media, and Advertisement (Sprache und Konsum (in Zusammenhang mit der Wirtschaft, Media, Werbung)).

3) Role of a Language in Politics (Die Rolle der Sprache in der Politik).  

Teaching staff of our university and the students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies, Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism, Institute of International Relations who learn German language, as well as teachers of German language from three schools of Pyatigorsk, took part in the discussion of the subjects with a vivid interest.

During the visit of the German delegation, a set of business meeting took place, particularly with Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, Associate Professor V.E. Mishin, head of the department of international relations and educational programs, Professor I.M. Akopyants, director of the IFLIT, N.V. Khomovich, coordinator for internationalization and international collaboration, Associate Professor V.V. Elkin, head of the chair of linguocommunicativistics and applied foreign languages, Associate Professor N.M. Kashirina. As the results of these meetings, certain cooperation directions with International Community of North Rhine Westphalia, prospects of academic interaction with universities of this region of Germany, as well as possibilities for sister cities relations renovation between Pyatigorsk (Russia) and Schwerte (Germany).

Apart from this, a business meeting of German delegation with Associate Professor V.V. Elkin, Professor L.V. Vitkovskaya, and Professor V.I. Shulzhenko took place. One of the results of this meeting was a trilateral agreement of the chair of linguocommunicativistics and applied foreign languages of IFLIT, chair of linguistic, Russian philology, literature and journalism and International Community of North Rhine Westphalia about the visit of German writers to Pyatigorsk State University for discussion of certain organizational issues of the Russian and German literature scholars conference in Dortmund in 2018.

Mr. E. Fritz gave an interview to PSU Media center, wh ere he talked about the objectives of his visit to our university and answered the questions of E.V. Chmyriova, head of the Media Center of IFLIT.

The visit program included acquaintance with a rich cultural and historic legacy of our region. There were tours by cultural sights of Pyatigorsk visit of Dormition Second Athos Monastery on Mt. Beshtau, tasting of different national cuisines.

This visit of German delegation in Pyatigorsk signed a new stage of fruitful and mutually beneficial relations between Russia and Germany with great development prospects for future.

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